JR Purtec  innovative polyurethane foam molded parts that are used in automotive, public transport, medical, office and home furnishings, sports and leisure.

We provide services in a comprehensive way - our customers are provided with support at every stage of planning and production. We have tools in which we make prototype and serial forms (aluminum molds milled on the basis of 3D files with full pneumatic tools). Already at the designing level, we will determine equipment and production costs based on all major CAD files.
We believe that the quality of the products we offer is crucial, so we have been ISO 9001 certified continuously since 2005. Our customers can be confident that they receive the highest quality products and services.

The safety of our users is extremely important. For this reason, we only use the best components of recognized manufacturers. As a result, our products are non-flammable and meet the stringent DIN 5510 / M1 / NF standards.