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About us

About us Polyurethane Technology for over 40 years - Made in Germany

JR Purtec company produces formed innovative parts that are used in automotive, public transport, medical, office and home furnishings, sports and leisure. Since its foundation in 1971 (in Lemförde) JR Purtec has strengthened its position as a leading provider of polyurethane solutions.

JR Purtec has a well-established position in the demanding markets - with PUR - the foam systems of various system vendors, which always correspond to the latest research and the latest production technologies. In the early 1970s, JR Purtec was the pioneer of polyurethane foam components and met the industry's demand for lightweight construction materials.

JR employs over 320 employees in Germany and Poland and has offices in the United Kingdom and the United States. In Poland it has its own production of tools with 7 CNC machines.

JR Purtec is globally oriented and is present in major emerging markets, delivering polyurethane solutions with a high degree of innovation, especially in fire protection - reliably and flexibly.

Our Team

Volker Riekenberg
Volker RiekenbergChairman of the Boardriekenberg@purtec.pl
Jürgen Riekenberg
Jürgen Riekenbergcompany founderchlopowiec@purtec.pl
Olaf Wintermann
Olaf Wintermann Key Account Manager Project Managerwintermann@purtec.pl
mgr Joanna Głąbała - Perka
mgr Joanna Głąbała - PerkaQuality Manager / Quality System AdministratorJoanna.Perka@purtec.pl
Marcin Gucia
Marcin GuciaQuality Specialistqs@purtec.pl
mgr Roksana Kurdykowska
mgr Roksana KurdykowskaSales and Purchasing Specialistrt@purtec.pl
mgr Kamila Gucia
mgr Kamila GuciaChief Accountantbuchhaltung3@purtec.pl
Anna Mrozińska
Anna MrozińskaAccountant - Human Resources Specialistbuchhaltung@purtec.pl
Barbara Łosski
Barbara ŁosskiAccounting Specialistbuchhaltung2@purtec.pl
Arleta Wrzesińska
Arleta WrzesińskaSales and Purchase Specialistbuchhaltung2@purtec.pl
Marek Sochacki
Marek SochackiProduction manager
Ewelina Ajdinq
Ewelina AjdinqDeputy production manager